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As Tiktok becomes the latest and hottest trend, Safewire has been waiting for you and is looking forward to meeting you in this different and exciting way!

Those who are familiar with Safewire know that Safewire’s professional OEM manufactory of electric socket, distribution boxes and cable management for most global brand since 1998 . We like to interact with all those who are interested in electrical products. We are active on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We look forward to hearing from everyone and are committed to getting closer to you.

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In recent years, Tiktok has become one of the hottest APPs in the world, and the number of Tiktok users is still on the rise daily, with 80% of users using Tiktok multiple times a day. This made us realize that short videos had become a preferred form of leisure, so Safewire quickly joined Tiktok, which gave people another way to see our product. We were first introduced to our products through Youtube years ago by posting long videos that really showcased our products and brand-related stories. Later we communicated and interacted with our partners mainly through constant updates on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, we will continue to do this on an ongoing basis. And now there's a new way, Tiktok, which is a way for Safewire to get into our friends' free time.

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Our focus on Liper Tiktok is firm, before the mass popularity of short videos, our customers and friends also always want to get more information about us and want to see more product videos. Tiktok is one of the best platforms for hosting videos in the market, that now there is such a mature way, so we will definitely do a good job in this channel to provide convenient browsing, visualization of our products, and wide promotion of our corporate culture.

We hope our customers will get to know more about our company and the Safewire brand, communicate and interact with us through short videos.

Welcome to our Safewire TikTok: Safewirele_floorbox ; safewirele_ evcharging ;safewirele_ powerstation .

Lastly, attached is Safewire's QR code, looking forward to seeing you on TikTok!

Safewire powerstation Tiktok
Safewire EV charc Tiktok
Safewire floorbox Tiktok

Post time: Dec-22-2022
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