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  • Port: Wenjiang
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    Total power


    2 Enter 12V3A
    3 Output 9V/1.1A,(5W,7.5W,10W,15W)
    4 Charging distance 8mm
    5 Accessories Packaging Box, Micro Wire, Manual, Adapter
    6 Material ABS
    7 Color Silver 
    8 Weight 308g
    9 Size 75*76*112mm
    10 Certificate CE,FCC,ROHS
    11 PD outlet Supports PD protocol output of 18W
    12 QC3.0 input support QC3.0 fast charging protocol of 18W





    1. The world’s first wireless charger that supports PD fast.
    2. Possess CE,FCC, RoHS certificates.


    1.Mobile phones and other electronic devices support wireless charging.

    2.You need to keep a proper distance from the charging pad for charging.

    3.Find the right location for wireless charging.

    4.Unplug the charging plug in time after full charge to prevent overcharging.

    5.Remove the protective case while charging.


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